Tips For Protecting Yourself Form Electricity

When it comes to electricity, it is very important that you protect yourself.  If you fail to protect yourself, you can encounter a mild shock to a full blown electrical charge.  Depending on which you receive, there may be different levels of damage.  To help you with electricity, order residential electrical inspections gastonia to be done.  In this inspection we will be able to find any problem areas and have them resolved before they become an issue.

Stay away from water

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Water and other liquids are electrical conductors.  This means that if an electrical charge comes in contact with water it will travel in all directions.  If the charge strikes something it will transfer its charge to that object.  This is what happens when we get a shock or electrocuted.  The energy from the power strikes us.

Wear protective clothing

If you are going to be around electricity it is important that you wear protective clothing.  This can be rubber boots, gloves, long sleeve shirts and more.  This protective clothing is non-conductive.  This means that electricity won’t travel through it.  When wearing this clothing you are protected to a point but there is no absolute way to protect you from an electrical shock except not being hear it to begin with.

Turn off main breaker

In our homes and offices where the power is fed into is known as a breaker box.  This breaker box holds what are known as circuits.  These circuits help to disperse electricity throughout your building.  When you want to work on a specific area the electrician will turn off a breaker.  This essentially cuts the power to those outlets or wires. 

In the breaker box there is also a main breaker.  This main breaker will cut off all the power to the circuit breaker.  If you are unsure of what to do, this is the main breaker you want to hit.