How Do We Get Teeth Implants?

The world of dentistry is amazing.  What was once only a dream has turned into a tangible reality.  This however, doesn’t mean that you can just neglect your teeth and let them rot out of your head.  Even though we can have teeth implants and other dental procedures, the costs both physically and financially are still high. 

When it comes to dental implants there is a lot we need to know.  One of the biggest questions on the subject is, what is the tooth implant process charlotte and is it right for me? 

To start off with, the process is fairly simple in terms of technology and the process.  However, depending on who you are and your specific situation, the process may be easier or harder than others.  With this being said, here is the basic process that is involved.


tooth implant process charlotte

The first step in anything is to do an exam.  In this exam we will do x-rays and scans of your mouth and teeth.  From the results we will be able to determine what is possible and what is not.


Once the exam is over the dentist will give you an evaluation and talk to you about your options.  In many cases you will have an inexpensive option all the way to an expensive option.  When looking at these and making your decision, understand that you are not locked into making any decisions right then and there.  Take your time to understand your choices and ask as many questions as possible.


Once you have your evaluation the prep work can be done.  The prep work will involve a series of teeth pulling, gum healing and installation work for your specific case.  Then your gums will need to heal to a point where your teeth can be installed.

The process is going to be similar in nature no matter what option you decide to choose.  Before getting started make sure you understand everything the dentist as discussed with you and don’t feel pressured by anyone to make a decision.